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A Viable Alternative

SRQ House Church is a part of a fellowship of churches known as the International churches of Christ. Until now, our church plantings have been very similar to what is known as a “traditional church plant”, in which a small group of like-minded disciples enter into a new city and invite people to church like crazy! A new alternative to this style is called a “missional incarnate” model. This model is less radical at first glance, but allows for a deep immersion into the unique soul of every community.

Sarasota is a community with an eye for nature and beauty. We try to meet and fellowship outdoors as much as possible. Frequently our services turn into hang out times in the park or at the beach. Another thing we do is deliberately include our kids. At house church our kids share about their week and ask for prayers. They play instruments and sing. We are taking seriously the guidance from Malachi 2 that says, God desires Godly offspring. Our kids are not separate from our worship but are engaged and involved and imitating their parents heart for God. We see Jesus “show up” in our children’s walk with God and it inspires us that we are on the right track!

The natural outgrowth is that “like attracts like.” Good people see the good people they want to be influenced by and Jesus is shared and enjoyed. We love what we are. Please consider visiting us in the near future to experience Jesus living in His church.

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