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Finding Jesus – The Conclusion

“If Jesus were the Pastor of your church you probably wouldn’t go there”. This is a provocative quote from Francis Chan. We think, “Of course I would because I am a follower of Jesus”. But these men whom we’ve just looked at in the previous articles were also looking for Jesus. The truth is Jesus was almost missed then and he is frequently missed today because our churches reflect our desires.

 John the Baptist thought Jesus would be more militant and aggressive. Some of us want our church to be that as well. Simon the Pharisee missed Jesus because he thought he would be more exclusive. Some of us insist our church should be exclusive as well. The Apostles thought Jesus would be more focused and Peter thought Jesus was going to be more successful. We demand that our church be more focused and successful as well. Thomas almost missed Jesus because he thought he would be more dead…but he was alive. Philip thought God would be more special. Today’s churches are dead and yet so very special and professional, because we want those qualities more than we want Jesus.

Let’s decide to Find Jesus. Today, let’s decide to desire Jesus as the head of his church. Let’s reject our thoughts and desires, and seek the real Jesus. If we do, we will “find Jesus” and we will find him living in “HIS”, not our, church.

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