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A Miracle No One Can Believe

The subject of miracles and miraculous gifts can be an odd subject to talk about. More conservative Christians find the belief to be hokey and uncomfortable. Charismatics seem to be preoccupied with miraculous healings and wonders and less concerned about discipleship. Atheists are skeptical of us all seeing the whole matter as laughable and unscientific.

Similarly, some theologians say that the ability to perform miraculous acts died out with the apostles or with the apostolic workers. However, in some of the poorest countries in Africa where medical care is scarce, miraculous healings are seemingly common place amongst praying Christians.

In the Bible, the Corinthians were wanting some of the “better” gifts: prophecy, tongues of angels, and supernatural knowledge. Paul, however, writes of a gift that leads to more miracles than all of these:

The gift of love.

Disappointed? Intentional, or for that matter random, acts of kindness are about as scarce as miraculous healings. Why? Because there is no glory in love. Talking with a close friend about the subject earlier this week, I said, “We want the miracles that give us the most affirmation and glory.” My friend replied, “Yeah and love is the miracle that just leaves us tired.”

Clearly, in 1 Corinthians 13, Paul argues that love is the greatest gift that comes from God. If we lack it, we lack all that matters. Love, however, is a gift that any of us can possess if we so choose. Know, though, that there will be no glory in it for it often leaves one tired. If we loved truer, perhaps we would have a pure enough heart to see some of the other wonders that can come with prayer. Perhaps our unbelieving counterparts would laugh more with us in our homes instead of at us on social media if they were to experience this love.

Loving your neighbor as yourself is miraculous. Can you believe it?

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