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In SRQ as it is in Heaven


Our friend Marshall, came to visit one of our Sunday gatherings. “You guys remind me of Beirut!”, he said after. We didn’t really ask him to clarify and so we took it as a compliment! In our soul, we are trying to restore the new testament church and so why shouldn’t our church planting, look like a church planting in Beirut?

To be blunt, we at srq house church believe the American church is going in the wrong direction. Too many 1st world amenities and 1st world expectations. We would rather have more in common with our brothers and sisters in China, Bolivia, and Beirut, than the American megachurch. Francis Chan recently wrote that if the American tax code changed, most churches would have to close their doors. How fragile is that dependence?

We are striving to be lean and mean, bare bones, everyday, ordinary missionaries. We are the unplugged version of the Holy Spirit’s song. Yes, please let us remind you of a church in Beirut!

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