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Our Third Anniversary!

We have established our “Kingdom of Sheep” convictions and taken seriously the role of nourishing ourselves. Rejecting a “talent led” or “money led” model, we now are functioning without full-time ministry staff. Ten individuals stepped up and into roles that were vacated.
Another five have matured and are serving in new ways. Another five are coming early to gatherings, just to catch any loose ends that might need tying. As you might guess, this is our entire membership! The new and the weak are observing this very closely. It is polarizing. Some are leaving. Some are repenting and engaging. It is indeed, Jesus in His people.

Why is this full participation happening? Most churches function with the 80/20 rule of 20% of the members doing 80% of the work. That ratio sounds horrible to us. It is the classic “pew warmer” scenario! In Sarasota, we are learning so much about ourselves and each other in this moment. Our individual relationships with God are exposed and we recognize the Spirit in so many secular moments. Jesus is showing up, everywhere!

In our flock, we are intentionally growing the Big Middle. Every church will have the strong. Every church will have the weak. But if we can develop a Jesus led model, every disciple’s relationship with God, the Spirit and the Son, matters.

We might decide in the future that a full-time staff couple is best. But in the meantime, we are maturing and inspiring each other with a common character that is rich with joyful wholeheartedness. Come and see!

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