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Success to Significance

In John 14:12, Jesus tells his disciples that they will do greater things than He did. Those of us who are dazzled by Jesus find this statement to be crazy! How could it be true? Most of us spend our early years of discipleship, hanging on for the ride of our lives. We white-knuckle the moments of trial and error, the successes and the defeats.

But then, out of the blue, discipline and consistency take hold. We begin to get traction. We experience stability and success, much to our own surprise! It is at this moment that God gives us someone to influence and pour ourselves into. Someone, perhaps a relative or neighbor or friend at work, wants to know more about our Jesus. This is the beginning of significance.

Consider Jesus’ words in this context. “You will do greater things.” We can walk into neighborhoods and work places in Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Venice that Jesus never could. We can experience the significance that Jesus saw in us from the shadows of the cross. May we strive to live up to the life He died for, by pouring ourselves out and into the open hearts he puts in our paths.

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