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Who is your Mordecai?

Believing God’s sovereignty is always a challenge! In Sarasota, the power of God’s creation is evident but seeing Him work powerfully in our personal lives is another story. No matter where we live, we need to know that God is always moving in our circumstances and challenges.

The story of Esther in the Old Testament brings to life how God worked for the good of all His people. Keep in mind this is the only book in the Bible where God is never named. “Why is that?”, you may ask. Although His name is not mentioned, God’s fingerprints are everywhere. Queen Esther coming before her King, asking for her people to be delivered from extermination, captures our imagination. Her courage is apparent but here are a few tidbits to think about.

1.) Who is Your Mordecai? Her cousin Mordecai challenged her to tell the King of the evil Haman’s plan to exterminate the Jews. Mordecai was her mentor.

2.) What is Your Haman? Haman the anti-Semitic Prime Minister hated Mordecai because Mordecai would not bow down to him. Haman was the epitome of Satan. What dogs you in your spiritual life?

3.) Do I share Esther’s humility and courage? Esther listened to Mordecai’s advise and took his advise to tell the King of Haman’s terrible plan. We need to identify the battle lines of faith and courage in our homes and workplaces.

Just like the old adage says, ‘Behind every good man is a supportive wife and a surprised mother in law!’, we need to see that behind every faithful disciple is a strong mentor and a frustrated demon! Who is your Mordecai?

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